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Medical Aesthetics

Customized treatments to leave your skin glowing


Vivier Glow

The Vivier Glow is perfect for rejuvenating the skin on the face, neck and chest. It’s very gentle but delivers effective microexfoliation to achieve brighter and tighter skin that leaves clients feeling radiant. This medical peel treatment is recommended for those who wish to combat aging, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots or treat acne. Because it’s so gentle, the peel is suitable for all skin types- even clients with rosacea and sensitive skin.​

Clients choose the Vivier Peel because of benefits such as:

  • Reduce and minimize redness of the skin

  • Result in smoother, firmer skin due to natural stimulation of collagen and elastin

  • Create a more-even tone of skin through diminished hyperpigmentation

  • Tighten pores, reduce acne, blackheads and whiteheads

  • Increase skin suppleness

  • Provide a fresh and healthy glow to skin surface

Tx Jessner Chemical Peel

The Vivier Jessner Plus Peel is well-suited for the face, chest, back and arms. The medical peel treatment is uniquely recommended for clients who need controlled exfoliation on damaged skin. It’s considered to be a medium to deep chemical peel and can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, laxity, enlarged pores, acne, damage from sun exposure and melasma.


The formula induces superficial peeling of the uppermost layers of skin and is particularly useful for clients with thick and oily skin. The key medicinal ingredient in this medical peel is salicylic acid, which allows deep penetration of the skin and can effectively remove congested sebum and dead cells. The Vivier Jessner Peel also includes 14% lactic acid and 14% resorcinol for all their added benefits in targeting hyperpigmentation, signs of aging and blemishes.


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